Yes, after a prolonged hiatus, TastyTreks is dusting off the ole’ camera and typing fingers, rolling away the rock from the cave door, and emerging back out into the sunlight, blinking blearily. Like Mark Twain and the son of God (–let’s see just how much blasphemy I can work into a single blog entry!–) rumors of my demise have been rather exaggerated, as I hope I’ve stressed to those of you who’ve worriedly inquired.  🙂

There is a good explanation, dear reader, but it will have to wait for another day, as I plan to SHOW you what the hell I’ve been up to lo these many silent months, and only the first half of that pictorial demonstration is ready. Plan on seeing the entire show, in all its glory, later this month. (Or, er, thereabouts).

In the meantime, we flash back to September and my trip up to see the folks (yes, dig wayyyyy back in the memory for this). It’s basically just a huge glomp of all the numerous random pics I took but failed to post before WordPress made my life difficult with its new pic upload interface (one fateful night, months ago) and I just said “hang it all” for a while.

Looking forward, I am headed this morning (in a few hours) off to my second official “travel to” petsitting assignment, following the European catsitting jaunt I took in summer 2011. It is the first situation coordinated through the site that will eventually help me travel far and wide to all sorts of exotic locales, like the French countryside, picturesque English villages, Australian farms, and flats in Kuala Lumpur, which is so exotic a place I’m not entirely sure without looking at GoogleMaps precisely where it IS.

Tomorrow’s exotic destination: Brooklyn!  (Yes, well, I’m excited. It’s hip! It’s new to me, having usually stayed on Manhattan island in the years I lived in the City! And this year is about sticking close to home anyway while I get my financial house back in order after the roof replacement laid my wallet level very, very low.)

Off to pack. See you soon!