Right, so, I was craving lychees, my most beloved fruit in the world, delicious and sneakily enrobed in papery raspberry-resembling rind. Have only seen them canned here in FL, so during a library excursion, stopped by the Asian market in the same mini-mall to sate my hankering. Whilst browsing the large and mysterious selection of unidentifiable produce (not to mention the rather eight grade biology lab-like assortment of dried seafood items, like dessicated shrimp salad and squid slices), I happened across some pretty blonde globular items I was pretty sure must be fruit, since they were – in an island of daikon radishes and mustardy greens – grouped with the feeble offering of withered apples and lemons.

mystery melons, pre-cut.

Took ’em home and sliced ’em open to see what lay inside. Took a lick or two to make sure they did indeed seem to be fruit and not some sort of bitter melon before prepping them for ingestion [heaven forfend] and yes! They were sweet! Like little honeydews!

Definitely fruit. Score!!

Scooped them out and dressed them with chopped mint, liberal lashings of sugar cane juice (more loot from Asian market), and a few squeezes of lime juice.  Delicious!

Final product, pre-chomp. Sooooo yummy!