Jeez, hard to remember what I posted already, two months later. O_o   I am a slacker. 

Anyway, NY was fun – always good to see the fam and my two super-adorable cutie-pie grandpas. Very scenic and such, between the Catskills and Berkshires as it is. Plus, I also found out I am part Scottish! (New info to add to the muttley provenance collection).

I’ll just let the pics tell it, shall I?

lunch with Grandpa in downtown Hudson NY, at a French-esque place.

it was so amazing to have incredible food put in front of me without shopping or cooking – go Mom! oven-roasted tomatoes (soooo freaking sultry) and Mexican [lightly spicy] quiche with squash soup. Pants would def not fit after a couple weeks of this decadence.

one of the many great things about the grandparents’ houses: pics of you, cute and small. me and my dad. exact same nose.

me, sightly larger.

me on Grampy’s lap. with CAKE!!!!

me and Gramp now – too big for lap… NOT too big for cake (never!) How freakin’ cute is he? Got his badass bracelets on.

out at the German Brauhaus in the Catskills for a night of dancing with my twinkletoes aunt Judy and Grandpa – both pictured, in the calm before the boogie storm. Any lady is a candidate for a spin around the floor with Grandpa, though he and internet-surfing Grampy are both 92 this year. Woot!

Brauhaus provisions, part 1. Liverwurst sammich with ‘tater salad and onion garnish. Who wants a smooch??

Pflaumekuchen – plum cake. Served warm. With whipped cream. Oh yes. Except that Grandpa was like “Sure, she’ll dance with you!!” to kindly geriatric inquisitors after me, right after it came. Thwarted, fork midway to mouth. Agh!

At the Brauhaus with Grandpa in his special Black Forest hat. Night was full of dancing to Teutonic ballroom classics with about a dozen men, aged 60 to 80. Allllllll like freakin’ Fred Astaire. I had *no* idea what I was doing. When no other ladies were available, (several from the night were in their 20s!) Grandpa deigned to spin me around the floor. “Stop wiggling!” he barked. “It’s a waltz!” Eeep. Apparently I was better at this when I was 8 and had nothing to wiggle.

Hiking! A welcome respite from Florida flatness. No hikes since NZ. Loved being in the New England woods.

the hike destination.

hike terminus. yeah, nicest parking lot ever.

me and my rental Impala. bitch was faaaast. peeled out a bit between toll booths on the state line when I figured troopers would be thin on the ground. Pwaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

slightly tipsy lunch visit with my lovely friend Erin from high school. she has a Kiwi au pair! had fun talking New Zealandy things at her.

Erin and her disgustingly adorable family. Handsome delicious-lunch-making husband Tom and super-cute tow-headed kiddos (oldest boy is missing here; was politically boycotting picture taking. Go, boyo!) She’s also sweet, smart, and a family lawyer. Yes, it’s totally ok to hate her. 😉

ride back from Erin’s house in extreme eastern MA area at sunset, listening to NZ rock and driving fast. lovely.