Halloween is definitely in the top ranks of my favorite holidays, and I frequently pull out serious stops to cover myself in makeup or create a homemade costume to celebrate it properly. This year, however, laziness prevailed (and, in fairness, other more pressing crap beckoned, like getting a roof that didn’t leak. Effing adulthood, sigh).

I planned to pull out a retrospective of my fab former years’ costumes (and may do yet), but, lest the blog lag longer than it already has, let’s just start with this year’s household punkins, from the artistic roomie Matt (with a Confederate zombie panorama) and my own more juvenile entry (er, also zombies, but a graveyard thereof).

the punkin carving workshop.

my punkin, view 1.

my punkin, view 2.

my punkin, view 3.

checking the punkins for further needed adjustments, while hanging in the Florida room (with Matt foot).

Matt punkin, view 1.

Matt punkin, view 2.

Matt punkin, view 3. Note dismembered feets, but boot still nearby.

Matt punkin, view 4.

Matt punkin, view 5.

and the final product, placed outside to scare trick’o’treaters (worked well; we had none).