Finally getting on top of the freakin’ water damage from the leaking roof. What better use for Thanksgiving (–just not the same since my much missed, beloved and cantankerous Grandma died, sniff–) than productive [beer-fueled] redecorating?

Took hostile satisfaction in a quick 30-minute break for my airplane-style frozen turkey dinner, which looked much less pathetic when properly plated. (Last year this time, was eating with relish some sort of freaky Qantas dinner en route to Auckland. Arg. Always a good use of time, flying to NZ. 😦  )

jeez, has it come to this?


ok, better. esp with can-shaped cranberry sauce – for the win!!!

Had very nice man in to handle the drywall which, ya, I could have done myself, but  – screw that shit: installing overhead drywall is NO FUN. Now: painting, before nice new floor goes in. Don’t hafta worry about vertical drop slopping!

office, water damage gutting in progress.

post beery painting. yeah!


My new lair is taking shape….