Just sharing a quick lunch (breakfast? dinner? who knows – it all blends together when you eat your first meal of the day at between 3 and 5pm and your last between 11 pm and 3am, eh?) experiment that turned out deliciously.

With infinite logic, I’ve reasoned that my eating habits will inevitably improve if I only keep healthful edible components in the house. (Of course, in reality, this also results in guilty, desperation-driven raids of my poor roommate’s food stash and wholly unsatisfying experiments with ordering from Papa John’s -shudder-). I was mid-work and didn’t want to fuss too much, but I had a tons of greens that were destined [in my auspicious and unlikely imaginings] for ultra-nourishing green smoothie-dom [actual results: several half-hearted salads and eventual composting of unsalvagably beslimed boxes of spinach], so I decided to target them in a vaguely Asian-inspired concoction.

I lightly toasted sesame seeds first in the nekkid pan and set ’em aside, then sauteed up some sliced ‘shrooms and garlic cloves squished outta my press in toasted sesame seed oil with a few dashes of shoyu. When the ‘shrooms had cooked down fairly well I added, in order of descending durability, chopped kale, dandelion greens, and then spinach. Some ground pepper was also administered.

I yanked it off the heat with a little time left to go on the greens wilting and sauced up the result with sriracha (a.k.a. cock sauce [ahem – so called for the rooster logo on it, if anyone HASN’T seen this awesome all-purpose fire in a bottle]), fresh-squeezed o.j. for a little fruity acidity, a teensy squirt of Wattie’s tomato sauce (my new go-to/go-in-everything condiment) and a generous drizzle of a very expensive, hand-ground-by-hippies-in-San Francisco almond butter. I got suckered into trying a jar of the latter after reading a bunch of glowing reviews, but it seemed like I accidentally got the tippy-top of the batch: it was all goo and no substance, even considering the propensity of natural nut butters to separate… there was nothing to stir back together before use. However, for this application it was perfect.

I ended up with a wonderfully well-bodied, not-too-heavy sauce that conjoined the earthy flavors the greens and mushrooms together with just the right amount of sweet kick, to boot.

secret ingredients stir-fry, about to be nomed