I noticed when surveying the lay of the fridge land…… that the nice feisty bunch of red swiss chard I’d purchased at the greengrocer’s was looking saggy, and mankiness was threatening to descend any moment upon the remainder of the baby portobello mushrooms I’d grabbed to add to a recent experimental [and, as it turned out, highly nom-able] red curry/coconut soup, so I concocted a little plan to use both up and get something in my tummy (we’re now in the second of two very busy weeks of flurrying car activities, and basically I’ve been surviving in the meantime only on things that could be directly grabbed from the refrigerator and administered directly to my mouth).

Going by the time-honored rule that everything can be improved with the addition of bacon, I started off by browning up a few rashers and subsequently divided the drippings between two skillets. After locating a little red onion sniblet that’d been lurking in the back of the veg drawer, leftover from I-don’t-even-recall-what, I sauteed it in the new skillet along with the sliced bellas and some salt and pepper, and used the washed and ribboned chard to mop off the brown bacony bits and teensy clinging drops of drippings in the original skillet (along with a dash or two of balsamic vinegar).

I consolidated everything together once cooked to browny/wilty doneness, dug out the last two eggs from where they’d been rolling gently together in their safe space in the butter holder, whipped ’em up, and poured ’em in the now-empty skillet to to create a nice eggy-wegg canvas for my other ingredients. After one side was satisfactorily cooked, I dumped on the chard/shroom mixture, topped it with mild crumbled Mexican cotija cheese, the bacon, and generous lashings of not-even-vaguely mild sriracha sauce, and –voilà– le super tasty dinner (albeit one that was fairly hard to wrestle tidily out onto the awaiting dinner plate).

bacon crumbled onto the veggie pile, and [ehhh, why not?] the remaining bits arranged on the empty eggy side too, just for good measure. No, I dunno why that one piece of bacon looks like hamster balls. It certainly didn’t *taste* like ’em.

I actually [masterfully] executed the transfer to the plate with the finished product left quite nearly intact – though I could have used the assistance of a nice clean snow shovel. Could only finish just over half of this bad boy: it was gargantuan!