Just received in the post a clanking, beaten, bedraggled, very heavy box…

…bearing surprise gifts from my favorite (very handsome, thoughtful Kiwi) of a lifetime supply of Watties, the inexplicably delicious and addictive ketchup-like condiment ubiquitous down-underer, yet near impossible to obtain here.

Included was one refillable bottle with which to anoint lucky items of foodage, along with four cans (bearing some bruises from their long journey) as refills. I lost no time in splooge-ing some onto my lunch (take-out from the Whole Foods hot bar) and found the sweet, spiced flavor was the perfect accompaniment to smoked pulled pork – even better than BBQ sauce!


hark! why yes – it IS the trumpeting of condimentary angels.

Thank you, Gar.   🙂