We interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast…(on hiatus anyway while I am holding down the Daily News fort alone, with my benevolent Overlord on vacation this week) to offer up a bit of porcine pornography and corresponding public service announcement.

Behold, one of summer’s great pleasures: the BLT.

This particular one is constructed of applewood smoked bacon (organic and nitrate-free), Duke’s mayo (I’ve lost my long-enduring love for Hellman’s/Best Foods – perhaps they’ve reformulated it? – but Duke’s is a southern classic and has, I believe, an even better flavor), peppery arugula, and succulent tomatoes on crusty rosemary/olive oil sourdough bread. Yeah, baby. It was a taste of childhood (the summers of which were often spent running around like a hooligan, shirtless and brown as an Indian) made even better with the addition of a couple of artisan-y ingredients. Plus: mmmm – bacon. 😀

So, your PSA: be sure to make yourself one of these drippy delights while the super delish summer ‘maters are out and about. Bonus points if you follow it with an equally juicy watermelon dessert or rapidly melting popsicle. Eat it in the backyard and don’t worry about the mess (or the melon seed spitting) and wash off with the hose after – or jump through the sprinkler a few times. As we swelter in this mid-July heat, don’t forget to indulge in the pleasures that come along annually with the scorching temps, endless lawn mowing, humidity, and ‘skeeters.