Due to internet connection capabilities that have gone from ‘bad’ to ‘abysmal’, in my last week here I should forewarn that I don’t expect to be able to do any further posting prior to my return, and will have to plan (with undying optimism) to get caught up with my considerable further tales of landscape wonders, wildlife encounters, and greedily devoured food (yes! I did visit restaurants, and have the pictures to prove it!), et al when safely ensconced again in Orlando and cuddling my heretofore under-appreciated speedy little modem with gratitude and affection.

All is well, I am safe, and the weather is overcast, windy as hell, but comfortably warm here on the Coromandel Peninsula. I have acquired a travel partner (Lewis, the ski instructor from the glaciers), who I invited to join me for the last bit of the trip, so I should therefore be doubly safe with a male companion along to act as a deterrent/protector and trip planner, which he is busily and diligently doing as I write this, innocently under the impression I am out here on the porch overlooking the bay working diligently on office work, bwa ha ha.

Er, which I am in fact about to go do, so please stay tuned for next week’s further updates, although they will lack the frisson of excitement and suspense of where I am and what I am doing in this far away country, since I’ll be sitting in my Orlando office chair for the remainder.  A bientot…. looking forward to seeing you all again soon!

In the meantime, please enjoy a cool pic at Milford Sound (which I didn’t realize I had lurking on my camera still, at the time of my last posting).  I love the weather divided by the peak… puts me in mind of the two faces of Janus.