After Taupo, I headed into the Wellington area to see my relative down here, my mom’s cousin, Jonathan, and his family (sweet and teeny wife Ati, from Indonesia, and their impressively polite and well-behaved 10 year old son Jason). Have been there quite a few days trying to catch up on work and blogging (and to attend a huge, 150-person Indonesian party Ati had planned on Sunday, at which I made a complete lil’ piggy of myself on all kinds of delicious foods – have pics to share soon.)  Oh, and also, experienced my first [small] earthquake –that I actually was aware of, at least– on Saturday.  I was watching the windows of the adjacent houses rippling and was ready to fling myself out of the building yowling, “The sky is falling; save yourselves!!!”; the others were preparing for the party and, er, didn’t even notice.  Ahem. 

So, am under way again – caught the ferry across the Cook Strait yesterday to Picton – an unusually calm crossing, I understand – and am currently pulled over to work alongside a town square in Blenheim before embarking on a tightly scheduled and ambitious road trip down to the glaciers and after that, Fijordland, where the REALLY spectacular scenery is supposed to be (if the weather’s cooperative).  Off to work….