Well, we’re back to non-chronological order, but tough – I challenge anyone to be marinating in Paris’ multitude of stinky and aesthetic charms and be able to think of anything, anyPLACE else.

I pretty much have nothing to say since my mouth is almost constantly full of delectable snacks — and really, hyperbole is insufficient to describe the Parisian experience anyway — so let’s just plunge right into the show and tell, eh?

so, sweatily pack-muling my crap to my apartment rental, I got off the Metro near my destination, puffed around the corner, and was walloped with THIS view.

I am just a few blocks from the pedestrian-only shopping street rue Cler, whose little shops drag their wares out front and basically establish a de facto outdoor market.

everything is prettily arranged to entice passersby.

of course, I am more interested in the comestibles on offer.

like the cheeses....

... and the pastries. one from the front-most row came home with me.

The fruits of my initial shopping trip.... that's Reblochon cheese, and the cake was some sort of raspberry mousse with a hazelnut/pistachio cream center, and tea leaves baked into the surrounding cake.

in this fine weather, it seemed half of Paris was sunning itself at the Jardin des Tuileries...

...or playing petanque.

out and about, enjoying the sun.