It took two trains, one intercity and one distance (including one hurried hustle to a nearby, different station to catch the TGV); an RER train; two metro transfers; and a bumpy four blocks of rolling my luggage along, but I have arrived in Paris! (more specifically, to the bachelor pad I am renting for the remainder of the week here).

Hurtling along on the TGV (the speed was hypnotic, and this isn’t even the fastest one [the Thalys] which made me wonder if my eyes have grown accustomed to seeing only a slower pace now, with all the walking/biking/busing I’ve been doing) I noticed the sky looked — odd.   It was very blue, with white puffy clouds…. and when the warm sun hit me stepping off the train in Paris Nord station, it hit me: by god, I’d taken the train back to summer!

Gone was the drizzly, moody, cloudy, misty, wet, changeable-through-all-the-forms-of-precipitation weather and almost constantly obscured sun of the Netherlands and Belgium.   People were wearing shorts, not overcoats and scarves.   I was not the only person in the city in possession of a pair of sunglasses. Yes, it’s true that the ambient temperature is still [relatively] cool here, considering it is August, but the quality and intensity of the sun clearly shouts that this is the land of lavender, thyme, and sunflowers….. the pure joy I felt as I stopped in the middle of the station platform and just let myself be reminded of what it feels like to have sun on my face makes me suspect that I may have been suffering a bit of sun-deprived depression without knowing it.   I am also reassuringly reminded of why I chose Florida to live!

Pics soon of the staggering view that nearly knocked me over when I rounded the corner of Rue Saint-Dominique on my way to the Bach Pad: a looming Tour Eiffel, sudden and shocking and awe inspiring.

Now: off to find awe in some edibles on the rue Cler, if I make it that far – I can toss a rock in any direction and hit a patisserie or boulangerie….